Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow!!

So I know that this is totally cliche.. Get married and cut your hair...But to be honest when I started growing my hair out 2 years ago I never planned on keeping it forever.. In fact, the original plan was to donate as soon as I had the 8 inches required.. (this is just a view from the front.. don't mind the scrounge outfit)

(Don't you love my self portraits? I had to make do with the hubby already gone for the day)

I made an appointment with Jen my Hair Stylist (who does a fabulous job by-the-way)


( Please note these pictures were taken after a LONG day at work so please excuse my somewhat tired face)
I am sure my high school crew are having flashbacks of all my high school years right now..

It's just what I wanted and all the gross hair on the ends is gone and I have healthy, shiny hair once again!! What do you think of it?!?

Besides having had quite a few people who are close to me suffer from cancer and lose their hair-I thought it was the least I could do to give my hair for someone's wig!!
FYI: Locks of Love charges for their wigs so if anyone is considering donating their hair I would research for an organization that donates their wigs.. there are plenty of them out there!:)


PCCook said...

Don't worry sister, it's not cliche! You look darling with it shorter and I think it's way cool that you donated your hair. I've always liked you with a little bit shorter hair! Plus, you can still put it in a ponytail-hehehe

Mariel said...

Sometimes chopping the hair off just feels so dang good. Now, I'm growing mine back out! But, I loved how healthy it felt. You two look awesome in your pictures. Congratulations. Does your photographer have a web site? She really did a great job. We need to get some family pictures done soon.

Mrs. Alston said...

It looks great!! though next time, can you please donate your long locks to me, so i can make a wig with it. I'm so envious of your hair!!!

Brookie said...

love it, you are right though, that is how i remember you in highschool:) you look great:)

Marcie said...

Jess I love it, and it's for such a great cause!

naomi megan. said...

i love the hair cut. (i am thinking of doing the same thing... especially as spring approaches.)

and thanks for the kind words on my blog! i love meeting people like you and finding a new wonderful blog to read.

have a wonderful weekend,