Monday, December 7, 2009

The greatest EVER!!!

Amidst the snow storm this saturday my friends and I gathered together for the traditional baby shower... I was so happy that everyone could make it even though winter was thrust upon us!! We were smart and actually got a picture of all of us that were there... Not very often are 3 friends pregnant at the same time but we are all due within 6 weeks of each other and we are all having.. GIRLS!!! So my face is super chubby.. I know that's why up until now I have only posted pictures of my stomach ;) and my stomach looks so much higher than the other 2 but I think that's because Lori is a little vertically challenged!!
and now for an update in the boobs vs. belly competition....
the belly has definitely won!! Although I won't lie.. the girls have put up a good fight- to the bitter end..

We are getting soo anxious for this little one to arrive.. we talk daily about what she may look like or who she will act like... If she is anything like me we are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e but we will love it all the same!!


Mrs. Alston said...

first of all your face does not look chubby at all. you're belly is adorable,and i love your green sweater!!! sorry the girls lost,but way to put up a fight.

P and C said...

Hey, that pic I took actually turned out pretty darn cute! You have some darling friends, glad I was able to share that day with you! You look adorable prego too-no worries sister!!

Melinda said...

Hey Jess! You're looking great!
You will LOVE being a mom- we're enjoying our little darling so much!