Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you ever...

*Snuggle your baby in your arms long after she's asleep- just because
*Go into the baby's room countless times to make sure they are still breathing
*Wish sometimes that the baby would wake up- if only for a little bit
*Never tire of kissing chubby cheeks
* Look forward to 4am feedings
* Ponder on how someone so small can have such a HUGE hold on your heart

* Hold your finger under their nose to make sure they are breathing
*Wonder how you ever felt complete before having a baby
*Contemplate what the future has in store for her....

Just wondering if I was the only one!!
I am amazed every day at how much I love this little girl..


Reeder family said...

100% normal. If your nervous about the breathing and sleeping. Babies r us has an amazing thing you put under the baby while she is sleeping or naping. The alarm will go off if she stops breathing. We used it for davis until he started rolling over. I would highly recommend it. She is so cute! I am so happy for you guys, being a mom is the best.

P and C said...

Oh my goodness, hers looks SO big since I saw her last week! I just can't believe how precious and beautiful she is!!! Love you Baby Kendyl and Jessica!!

Kristy said...

She is so beautiful Jess! I can not wait to meet her! I knew you would feel all that and that you were going to be such an amazing mother!

Drica Rodrigues said...

Ela está crescendo muito!!! Que bom!!! Ela é tão linda!!! Ai que saudade... Acho que quero outro bebê!!! Se o Madson ouvir que quero outro acho que ele me mata!!! Vai dizer: ah é muito cedo ainda!!! E é... hahahahahhaa

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

I did and still do about 3/4 of those things ;) She is a cutie!