Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now to the trivial things...

i've professed my love for MAC Cosmetics before.. so I'll just name a few of the things I REALLY love about MAC..
I love that my eye shadow stays on for hours.. no creases of fading
I love that with their variety of colors I can go bold with bright purple, pink or gold
or I can go be super subtle with browns
I love that they have a foundation that is super sheer..
I love their variety of lip glosses.. pretty sure I have 6-10 in my purse at any given time.
Anyone else share my "love"???


P and C said...

You know my love of MAC makeup! In fact, I think I need to invest in some new colors! ha ha

Tanner and Chelsey said...

I love MAC eyeshadow as well, but I really love the mascara, because its not waterproof yet it still doesnt, love, love MAC

indofeb said...

everyone was very influential for me includes you too .. because every day is an inspiration