Monday, February 28, 2011

The last of my loves...

I should have known better than commit myself to a whole month of posting.. But in order avoid complete failure here are 11 more things that I "love"

18. I love shopping for shoes.. seeing that my feet appear to be the only part of my body that has found it necessary to return to their original shape and size post-partum.

19. I love buying children's books at Costco.. I rarely make a visit there without purchasing a book for KC. If you haven't ever checked them out you need to.

20. I love Red Robin, if it has been a couple weeks I have Jesse stop and pick some up on the way home. I highly recommend the Barbeque Chicken Wrap!

21. My favorite animal is a Lion.. a big male lion, I just love the majestic look about them and when they let go of a huge earth-shaking roar, it gives me chills!!

22. My favorite place to travel is New York City... a) there's so much to see, b) you can eat all you want because you will walk a million miles or more, c) the christmas windows at Macey's are fantastic d) Broadway... need I say more?!?

23. I love Victoria's Secret swimsuits.. I usually wait until the end of the Spring or Summer and can usually find a really good deal. They hold up so well and who doesn't love all the extra "support" they offer for your girls!!

24. My favorite time of year is Spring. I love spring showers, I love when my tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths start to blossom and the smell in the air, I love watching everything turn green after being dead and brown for months.

25. I love all types of music.. I can listen to anything from classical, country, rock, pop, latin, and so much more.. it's amazing how music can alter your mood!

26. I love to travel and would love to travel all over the United States in a motor home once Jesse and I are retired!

27. I love the game show network.. I admit that sometimes when there is nothing good on tv I have been known to watch hours of Lingo, Deal or No deal, and family feud.

28. I love word games.. I look forward to doing the crossword puzzles in the newspaper each day, I love to play "word mole" on my blackberry. They say that those types of games help with dementia and alzheimers in old age so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep the crazy away for at least a few years.

There's a little insight into what makes my world go around...

Anyone dig the same things as me???


Shiloh and Bob Willey said...

I also love shoes!! But lately they have been tennies so I can keep up with Tacoma!

JJandAL said...