Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How we get the morning started

A couple of things about this video:

*yes, that is Hilary Duff playing in the background.. don't hate

* apparently KC is not only walking but running.. and DANCING!!

* if the camera is a little shaky it may or may not be because i didn't want to miss out on the dance party..


cheeks said...

love her. love you. love the video!! i'm glad someone else's kid likes loud music! Emri isn't happy until she's asked me to "turn up" about 5 times!

Drica Rodrigues said...

Ela já dança melhor que a tia do Brasil!!!! Preciso praticar!!! Ela tá linda!! Bjs

Kristy said...

What a cutie!! Love the cute pj's too!!