Sunday, July 6, 2008

celebrate good times!!!

First of all.. Can't believe I am posting pictures of me in my swimsuit on the "net" oh well any imperfections I am blaming my "old" age and gravity!!( things just don't sit where they used to) HA HA... Our holiday festivities started with the sweaty betty on thurs... nothing beats boys and girls in their swimsuits in a tent filled with steam... almost nothin!! these boys make me laugh.. they always chant and dance once the water is poured on the rocks ;)

more chanting...

few girls are brave enough to enter the tent o' steam but the Roy Hoes are always down.. this year a couple more joined us..

typical Casey.. surrounded by women!! (if only he knew how bad we all want him)

Nuttin but smiles.. after all is said and done!!

B4 that was the murder mystery.... Murder in Margaritaland... Aren't we enticing?!?


Poor jon aka "Jack Daniels" was gettin lucky but looks like his luck ran out ;)

Thurston Howard III and Candy Cotton..
Pej and me.. millionaire and his girlfriend.. and those lips.. MAC Red is all I have to say!!

Jack Daniels and Kylie Cocktail
(Jon and Shelly)

Coconut Joe and Jane
(Kyle and Jodi)

So much fun.. So little time- I am lucky to have such great friends who are always up for a good time!!


Just one of the Boys said...

Jess, looks like you had a ton of fun as usual! I love your swimsuit, and if I looked as cute as you did in it I would put pictures of myself on my blog. Yeah I remember the days of Travis being a "HOT HEAD" that's what broght us together, so it was worth it!

Jodi said...

Always up for a good time. Even when I will be drugged up, call me if you go bowling and then to go to your game! Thanks

Brian Family said...

You guys always look like you have so much!! Also I'd like to tell you that you gals are a bunch of hot tamales in your swimsuits! I'm pretty jealous!

Marc & Becky said...

You guys always have so much fun! Your looking way hot in your swimsuit, all of you are. How I miss my body before these crazy kids!!!