Monday, March 2, 2009


LILAH...My husband finally gave in to me begging for a dog ;)

She's a shitzu-maltese mix
more than half her body weight (5.5 lbs)

resembles more of a rat when wet!!

And LOVES to dig in any dirt she can find.

Tato threatens to "Dognap" her all the time.. ha ha

Lilah also enjoys-

Papa John's breadsticks

Rolling over, shaking hands, sitting, and laying down (as long as a treat is involved)

Sleeping in our bed between the headboard and our heads!

being babysat at grandma sue's everyday

and biting the heck out of my pants and hand during her "crazy time" at night

I think it's safe to say.. we are kinda in love!!


Brian Family said...

Jess she is so damn cute! I can't wait to come see her!

cheeks said...

Oh cute little baby! I bet she doesn't get up in the night wanting to be fed though!!!! So happy for the new addition to your family! Soon enough you'll be announcing something like we did last week! Enjoy that little furball!

Melissa said...

I Love your dog!! So freaking cute!! She sounds like my dog when it comes to sleeping, Oliver loves to sleep right in the middle of us at night.
We have got to get together the next time I am in town. I haven't seen you in forever!

Marc & Becky said...

ok I want her!!! so jealous, she's the cutest dog ever!

Reeder family said...

what a cute dog! I hear new dogs are like having a baby. I hope your dog doesn't cry. I use to want a dog but jason said " no way! " I think we just take our little one instead.

Mrs. Alston said...

so stinkin' cute! love it!!! how did you get Jessie to cave?? booker is against a dog of any kind, even an outdoor one (he's alergic to indoor ones, so i get not getting one of those) but i so badly want an outdoor one!!! how did you do it!?>?!

Marcie said...

Oh- the title of this post had me all excited:)! She is so cute though, and I can tell you guys are having lots of fun with her.