Friday, March 6, 2009

Work that Body!!

So.. the holidays have passed (except for Easter which has the most delectable treats) and I find that all those holiday goodies are still hanging around.. oh yes they are but not in a good way, they are hanging on my arms, butt, stomach, and various other places that I am sure if you use your imagination you can think of ;)
No worries- I turned to my trusty personal trainer jillian to whip my booooty into shape...
So this book is high intensity workouts for those, like me, who just need to lose "a few" c'mon ladies it's only 30 days... and then you can bust out your dusty bikinis
Me I am only doing it cuz my momma says I gots to get in shape before I should think about having babies.... ha ha
I make Jesse do the workouts with me at the gym and mister skinny skinny himself admits that they kick his arse!!
Cross your fingers that by the end my abs look as fab as my friend jill's!!


Carli said...

You'll have to let me know how well the book works for you! Gotta love mom, she talked to me about getting in shape before I think about having a baby too-nice!! I'm going to try and get my abs super flat and my bod super toned before the summer too! Good luck sis!

cheeks said...

WOW!! I would love some abs like that as well! Thanks for the recommendation! so....are you thinking kids soon, or is that just wishful thinking from gma sue?? I'm sure she'd love some more beautiful's so funny my mom was always telling me to take my time when we would talk about that emri's here it's hilarious how much my mom loves her. if i knew how happy it was going to make her maybe we would have started sooner!