Friday, March 20, 2009

Fruhlings*Primavera*Printemps- any way you say it...Spring is here!!

Photo from MSN.Com

There are lots of things I love about Spring, the flowers, the weather, the longer days... but my favorite thing about this time of year is the smell of it. So many smells bring back fond memories that I have from my childhood and put a smile on my face...

The smell before, during, and after it rains reminds me of my mom.. she used to come into my room during rainstorms to open my window and would always say "hmm can you smell that Jessa?" I always have my window open during rainstorms now because it takes me back to that place so quickly.

Fresh cut grass and cologne remind me of my dad.. He used to let me cut the inside (not the edges where I tended to run over sprinklers) of the lawn when I was little and I loved that I could help him.. I really enjoy mowing the lawn to this day because I think back to my dad and I mowing the lawn together!

Love Spell from Victoria's secret reminds me of my senior year of high school (cuz that's when it first came out- I know I am old) I can remember it selling out in the stores because it instantly became a favorite scent.. Everytime I use it to this day I think back to sitting in a classroom with the smell of lotion permeating the air with it's wonderful smell.

I could probably go on forever, reminicing about good times and the unique smells that I associate with those times in my life. I got to wondering why it is that smells can trigger such a vivid memory and so I found a couple answers that I thought were pretty interesting. If you are curious too check out these articles here and here.

In the meantime.. what are your favorite smells and the memories they create for you?????


Mariel said...

I LOVE gardenia's. They remind me of the lea's in hawaii. I love smelling my baby, clean air, and pine trees.

Megan said...

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies remind me of rainy days with my mom. She always said, "It's a great day for baking cookies," whenever it was raining.
What a great post! I loved it.

em said...

very cute memories with your parents', Jess. I remember Love Spell, too--it was my fav!

OFF! Bug repellant takes me back to a camp I went to for a week in elementary school. My repellant spilled in bag with all my treats, so my Swedish fish tasted like OFF. Every time I eat a Swedish fish, I can taste and smell the OFF! K, so that wasn't necessarily a GOOd smell, but A smell, right? ;)

em said...
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