Thursday, March 18, 2010

....Time is flying by...

What can i say.. she LOVES her binki!
All bundled up for a short walk~it's still a little chilly outside.

there's nothing more precious than a sleeping baby..

she may be tiny but she is strong!

Can you believe it's been 3 months since we welcomed our little princess to the world?!? Me either! She is getting soo big (but is still pretty little)...
new things that we just adore...
KC has started smiling all the time
she also started laughing at us
she holds her head up all the time and wants to see what's going on
and is definitely finding her voice- she sits and coos and screaches (that's what it sounds like) constantly!
as wonderful as she is.. she still does NOT sleep through the night!!
suggestions on how to get her to do that would be greatly appreciated!!


Michelle said...

There are a few books that were recommended to me. One was Baby Whisperer, another Babywise. I still haven't finished Babywise because I feel it is a little hard (on me as a mom) to be that strict - but my friends SWEAR by it and have had babies that sleep amazingly well. So you could always check it out and see if it would be something you'd like to try.

cheeks said...

she so so darling! my only rec is babywise. And, i would say to try to stick to it, but don't let it control your life! it's meant to get your baby on a good schedule, but allow for flexibility when necessary. we did that with emri. i didn't read it till she was 9 weeks. at 12 weeks she was sleeping through....and has always been a good sleeper. get a used copy on amazon for super cheap. good luck.

Kelli with Love said...

Wish I'd have kept Babywise 'cause I sure would've gladly GIVEN it to you. (I donated it to the DI months ago!) It never worked for Ambree (and I never tried with Lily), although I have a few friends who've said it worked for them. Honestly, I think every baby is different and wish you luck! Neither of my girls slept through the night until 8 or 9 months...Lily is way better of a sleeper than Ambree is/was though. (Oh and by "through the night" I mean from bedtime to breakfast time! None of that "five or six hours counts as sleeping through the night" garbage! lol...I mean ALL night!) ;o) Good luck!!

Rachy Maree said...

She is beautiful, Jess! What a sweetie.

As for sleeping through the night... I say it just depends on the kid, but having a routine/schedule makes a huge difference. Find a good bedtime routine bath, feed, sing, bed, etc) and stick with it. I also found (through much trial and error) that if you follow your routine, make sure all the babies needs are met and then let them fall asleep in their bed and not in your arms they will sleep longer. The doctor explained it to me that whatever the baby is doing when they fall asleep they will expect to continue when they wake up (nursing, rocking, etc) so you want them to fall asleep in their bed so when they wake up they are still in the same place and might go back to sleep on their own because they fell asleep in their bed to begin with and the environment is familiar. Where as if you are nursing and she falls asleep and you lay her down she will cry because she isn't nursing when she wakes. Does that make sense?

With Corban I answered his every cry (every noise really), with Izzy I sometimes would wait a bit so she would learn to self sooth, anyway, Corban didn't sleep through the night until 9+ months. Isabelle slept through the night at 2 months. Part of that is the difference in their disposition (he was a high need baby), but part was me having matured as a mom and not going in for every noise. You know how as a new mom you go in especially when they haven't made noise to make sure they are still breathing? I did that constantly with Corb and not as much with Izzy. I let her cry more, but in the end she cried less because he cried more when he got older and had to learn to go to sleep without me.... it is hard to explain, and I could go on for a long time- (Sorry for the novel. I just hope it helps.)

Parenting is hard, it is a learn-as-you-go experience, but I bet you are a great momma!

I have heard great things about Babywise, but haven't read it. Have heard from a few that it is too strict for them. You can always get the book from a friend or the library.

Good luck.

Reeder family said...

Try double swaddle. One light blanket & then a medium one. I know this sounds bad but when she starts to cry don't go get her or feed her. She will learn to go back to sleep on her own. If you run to every cry she makes she's training you guys instead of you training her. You could also try doing a bottle with formula & rice cereal, it's more filling than breastmilk. Good luck and let us know how it's going.

Dustin, Joni & Brighton said...

My Dr. had me start Bri on mush at 3 months! I know it helped cause she went from sleeping 9 hours to sleeping 12 hours STRAIGHT!!! :)