Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what a blessing...

For the entire duration of my pregnancy I was consumed with thoughts of what our little KC would look like.. there's no way to describe the feeling as you look at your sweet baby and see a piece of you... there's no denying that our little girl has her momma's mouth... Momma lips
baby lips
I can't wait to see what other little pieces of me will come forward as she gets older!!
We also blessed her on sunday.. please excuse the binki- it's her best friend at the moment ;)
We had a wonderful turnout with so many family and friends.. we are truly blessed with so much love and support.
I didn't get very many pictures but here are just a few of the ones that we got!

All ready to go to church!

What the heck is going on?!?

We are a happy family!


Mrs. Alston said...

so precious! Love her dress!! She is so adorable, and you're right about the lips!!!
Congrats on the blessing!

P and C said...

LOVE her SO much!!!! She's got the best of both you and Jesse!

Drica Rodrigues said...

Ela estava linda em sua bênção com um vestido tão chique!!! Vc sabe que em uma das fotos ela está a cara do pai?! Mas os lábios são seus mesmo. É mesmo maravilhoso e engraçado vermos coisas nossas em nossos filhos, não só físicas mas a personalidade também. Olho pra Sabrina e vejo muito do pai dela... De mim ela tem o cabelo e a bunda grande... hahahhaha!!!! Bjs Bjs Bjs!!!

Marcie said...

So cute. She looks beautiful in her dress! I love binky babies, at least it's a good way to keep them quiet during church when they get older. You look great BTW!